Bulk SMS, Prospect Conversion Made Easy

We all have days when the notifications seem to have no end to them, and we want nothing else but to turn off our devices, but we don’t. Convinced an important notification will soon come through, if not already buried. And as a business owner, you must understand that your prospective customer is feeling the exact same way.

Now as every business is going above and beyond to make every penny in the marketing budget count, what can you do to cut through all the noise and get the attention of your target market? Everyone is staring down on their screens, what can you do to get their attention?

Send an SMS!!!

You read that right, as social applications are getting better and even more saturated with more content than the average person can consume and interact with, can a text message get the job done. Of all the messages received, what is so special about a text?

Think about all the notifications received in a day and the text message is always opened and read, always. An SMS has a 98% open rate within 3 minutes. It must be the unicorn of notifications to have such good numbers. It doesn’t need data connection to be sent and delivered, making it a sure way to deliver relevant news to customers with or without data.

How can it profit your business?

Boosting sales, collection and nurturing of leads and building relationships with SMS marketing, are all reasons to send a text blast. The benefits can be reaped when done right, because no one will pay attention to a bad presentation.

But how do you craft an SMS message that closes the deal?

Assuming you have populated your client SMS list, comes the first step in your SMS campaign:

  • The K.I.S.S rule (Keep It Short and Simple), be straightforward in the text message. The customers signed up to your SMS blast list for a particular reason and that reason alone is what should be communicated with your text blasts.
  • Offer a clear and valuable solution with your text messages. Every SMS is restricted to only 160 characters making it necessary to communicate with well thought out words. Use those characters to express clearly any CTA (Call to Action) needed to be taken by the receiver.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Sending a short and clear message may not always get the required feedback but having a phrase to express the urgency can make all the difference. Phrases such as “limited time offer” or “till stocks last” are examples of making your point.
  • Another use of SMS marketing is to support other marketing channels. Deciding to exclusively use SMS has its own triumphs, however, other channels of marketing used can be highlighted in text blasts. This gives the receivers more options to interact with your business and get acquainted with its goods and services. SMS blast can highlight social media pages, website and email addresses as well.

We are not experts on the subject but we know enough to understand the merits of this heavily underrated service. The success of an SMS marketing campaign lies in the simplicity and clarity of the message. Achieving these in a message can guarantee the effectiveness of the text blast.

Now, when are you sending yours?