Social Media and Website Audit

Why do you need a Social
Media or Website Audit?


Our collective experience at AMS has allowed us to develop an auditing procedure to evaluate and assess a business or organization‘s social media profiles and strategies, as well as their websites. It is through this procedure that any business can be at the top of the online presence. Our Auditing process provides full analysis of all the factors that affect a website’s visibility in search engines and gives a complete insight into any website, overall traffic and individual pages.

User engagement

User engagement measures how users interact with your website and consume its content.  It is important to prioritise this as it improves conversion or sales


User experience

Just like engagement, it is important to measure the total user experience on a website. It gives you insights into what your users engage with on your website and how they do so. This helps a business make better decisions.


How your website visitors find your website and where they come from are important variables to evaluate in your website. A website should be optimised to receive such visitors to improve conversion.


Functionality is a very important checklist. An e-commerce website that does not allow users to buy triggers a negative reaction with your audience, making it difficult to reach out to them

Site Health

A site health audit assesses the architecture and usability of a website. It also identifies potential gaps in content structure, technical gaps, and website speed. Additionally, it discovers new opportunities for key performance indicators (KPIs).

Website performance

As part of our website audit, we measure performance, which includes load time, number of files on the website, average downtime periods, backup file integrity and much more.

Website Security Audit

The website security audit is one of the most important components of a website audit. It identifies vulnerabilities to security breaches. A security audit prevents compromising sensitive information of a business or its visitors.

Social Media Audit

An active social media presence is important to website traffic. A relevant and targeted social media strategy drives more qualified leads. It also increases visibility and improves engagement.A social media audit analyzes which content channels perform best. Content channels include tools like blogs, video, infographics, and social media.

Competitor Website Audit

Auditing a competitor website is advantageous for business growth. Businesses discover insights and opportunities to implement into their own online strategies.

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