5 incredible benefits of bulk SMS marketing

SMS is a popular marketing channel. And with good cause. Your customers adore glancing at their phones, therefore nomophobia—also known as the dread of losing your mobile phone—is a genuine concern.

The leaders are racing ahead as more firms use SMS by embracing automated, bulk SMS marketing to reach as many people as possible as quickly and affordably as feasible.

A high-volume SMS gateway service is used for bulk text messaging to send a single, easily customized message to as many recipients as you like. It also works.

Want to persuade your team that using bulk SMS marketing is the best course of action? Here are seven significant advantages that no marketer wants to overlook.

  1. Increase output with strong throughput

There is noise outside. And when so many brands and platforms are competing for consumers’ attention—not to mention their dollars—it can be challenging for marketers to stand apart.

Nothing drowns out the noise like a straightforward SMS message.

With a 98% open rate, you know your messages are seen. Even better, they get seen fast. People open 90% of messages within 90 seconds. That’s what we call timely, targeted marketing.

2. Reduce expenses with a low-cost SMS package

You must carefully consider where you spend your marketing dollars when budgets get smaller.

Bulk SMS marketing not only offers great value for your money, but it is also cost-effective. Most messages only cost a few cents, and plans start at less than $40 per month, so you can start using it right now and see the results roll in.

  1. Quickly launch your bulk SMS service.

Like the concept of swiftly and easily reaching the largest audience possible? Here, bulk SMS checks all the right boxes.

You can create an account with a text messaging service like MessageMedia in under a minute. There are no difficult platforms or technologies to learn. Just one simple interface to communicate with all of your clients.

You may keep everything in one place and work more quickly by integrating with your favourite marketing platform.

  1. SMS is a fantastic team member.

It takes a team to do marketing. Your channels should cooperate with one another to achieve the greatest results possible. SMS more than justifies its position on the team by promoting other channels and assisting in the achievement of your overall marketing objectives.

For instance, if you notice that your consumers aren’t opening your emails, send them a quick text to let them know it has arrived. On the other hand, you might employ social media to persuade clients to consent to SMS notifications about flash bargains.

  1. Automate and let it alone

Bulk SMS not only helps you reach more customers with your communications, but it also helps save up time for your team. Use SMS automation to start the distribution of timely messages, such as reminders for meetings, support call follow-ups, or new sales or lead generation opportunities. By doing this, there is no chance that a member of your sales or support team will forget to press “send.”