It is true that technology is affecting what is done and how things are done in our workplaces. In this height of advancement where employees are told to work from their homes, the effect is double-edged. To some it would promote work-life balance, to others, it could infringe on their work-life balance. The goal of today’s discussion is to answer the question, ‘how can I enjoy remote working?’ Well, here are a few tips for you;

  1. Create a timetable for your day.

Inasmuch as you do not have to get out of the comfort of your room to work, you want to make sure you have enough time to do everything that makes you happy like cooking, watching television, hanging out with friends, and still getting you tasks accomplished in the right time.

  1. Prepare your room or workspace 

Get dressed and get your room or workspace dressed for your day too. Create a comfortable space to work, a chair and table are perfect for a start. Get a bottle of water, get a snack, get a paper and pen. You want to make sure you are productive within the time you have created in your timetable to work.

  1. Join company virtual hangouts in between

If your company creates virtual timeouts for games and informal discussions, join the team. These meetings help you relieve the stress of being lonely at home and helps you catch up with friends you miss. Don’t say you are too tired, it will last for only a few minutes and maybe you will find just the right inspiration to continue your tasks from there. If your company does not have such initiatives, not too bad, watch a teaser or call a friend, but make sure it’s a short light-toned conversation, you need energy to continue work.

  1. Stay healthy

No matter how tough your day goes, get good food, a good sleep and a good walk. There is nothing healthier for your soul and mind than caring for your body.

  1. Have fun

After working in your room for 8 hours or less or more, get out and visit a friend, call a family or play a game. Do not overwork yourself. If you could not achieve more, you need a refreshment not a punishment. Tomorrow is another day but today, get a good time to help you think better tomorrow.

Tell us how these help you.